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How it Works ?
we develop a very very different concept from another PCB viewer.
this is true logic board. interconnected layout.
you don't have to find out where the current is going on.
so you can compare with your false logic board that you have.
it's already seperated phase by phase.
you can understanding by yourself.
or take a look on this video.

Methods to Register
1. contact me on Facebook
2. Using Line Application
3. Whatsapp : +66864605613
4. Viber : +66864605613
5. Line : Ritthikrai.w

PCB Viewing Site

https://youtu.be/Li5Sc5w42Co">https://youtu.be/Li5Sc5w42Co" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

Skill Requirements
basic Schematic Reading,
basic Digital Multimeter Skill
basic Common sense.
if not.. Go Learning some.

1,700 ₽ /YEAR

Now we're Looking for Reseller.