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    RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.79

    - Added context menu for the PKG editor - right-click on data write actions allows to perform alignment of the selected ation's data. Normally alignment is performed when adding new write memory action.
    This feature allows to align actions in selectable manner, after all write actions were added to the list. This feature is handy when adding full list of write actions via eMMC Plugin,
    and when some partitions are required to remain full size, and others are allowed to be cut/aligned
    - "eMMC/SD Access" Page -> "Data Length" Field, ComboBox with pre-set lengths, 'File Size': when selected, Data Length field is filled with value equal to selected File's size.
    Now File size is automatically aligned to 0x200. JTAG Manager automatically handles non-aligned to 0x0200 files - the remaining data is filled with 00s.
    - Added "Load EXT_CSD Register" feature to the eMMC/SD Advanced dialog. It is possible now to load 0x200-byte EXT_CSD register into currently connected eMMC context;
    Format supported: plain binary format, 0x200 bytes size of file; most often these are files with extentions '*.bin' and '*.extcsd';
    - Added "Load CID & CSD Registers" feature to the eMMC/SD Advanced dialog. It is possible now to load CID and CSD registers into currently connected eMMC context;
    Format supported: log text files made with other boxes.

    - Fixed RIFFBOX2 Firmware bug: when reading any data from eMMC Chip, the Data CRC16 was not checked, so even data received with errors was considered to be valid.
    Now RIFFBOX2 Firmware detects data CRC16 errors, and guarantees data read from eMMC chip is valid.
    RIFFBOX1 Firmware is not affected by this bug, but firmware update is required to update to 1.50 version string.
    - Fixed timing bug which prevented to change BOOT and RPMB partitions sizes
    RIFF Box eMMC Partition Table FullFlash Image Files Processing Plugin (eMMCDiskPartitions.dll) v4.10

    - Added partition parsing for some devices with TEGRA3 MCUs-style layout (example: LG P895)
    - Now is possible to inject data into partition even if injected file size is greater than partition size. In this case only data of size equal to partition's size is injected.
    - Added auto search for the Floating Partition Table feature when parsing dumps of MTK MCUs type. This further improves successful partition parsing for MTK devices
    - Added autosearch for the MBR Record feature when parsing dumps of MTK MCUs type. This further improves successful partition parsing for MTK devices
    - Added option 'Enforced search for the MTK Layout' - when checked this option activates auto search of MBR Table and Auto search of MTK Floating Partition Table
    For unsupported MTK images or unknown images this option reads more memory zones, so it may take few more seconds (when reading layout from device) before analysis is complete.
    When parsing any local dump this option cannot slow down the analysis because required extra disk reads happen very fast.
    When parsing any supported image this option does not slow down any analysis.
    So we recommend to keep this option always 'checked'
    - Added support of 'chained' MTK's Floating Partition Tables (PMT)
    - Added support of 64-bit MTK's Floating Partitions Tables (PMT)
    - Added support of 'chained' MTK's BMTPOOL's Partition Tables (BMTPOOL)


    Alcatel 5098O
    Acer A1 810
    Asus Z010DA ZC550KL
    Asus Z00ED ZE500KL
    Asus Z00A ZE550ML
    Asus T00P A500KL
    Asus T00F A500CG
    Asus T00G A600CG
    Asus K012 FE170CG
    Asus K008 ME571K
    Asus K01A ME70CX
    Asus K00Z ME175CG
    Sony C2305
    Samsung I8200
    Samsung E250K
    Samsung E250S
    Samsung J105B
    LG H955
    LG F400S
    Nokia Lumia 535 RM 1090
    Nokia Lumia 630 RM 978
    Nokia Lumia 635 RM 975
    Lenovo S820
    Lenovo P780
    Lenovo P700I
    Lenovo A3000F
    Lenovo A390
    Huawei Y6 Pro TIT U02
    Huawei Mate 7 MT7 L09
    Huawei G8 RIO L03
    Huawei Ascend Y530 U00
    Huawei Ascend G526 L11
    Huawei Ascend G525 U00
    Huawei Y5 II (CUN-U29)
    black-micron; 11.06.2018 14:35.

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    1.79 . JTAGManager v1.78

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    Assists (15.06.2018), dimafan13 ()

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    RIFF Box JTAG Manager 1.80

    - Fixed save file bug: After JTAG Manager showed there is no Free Disk Space to save the file, consequtive Save attempts resulted in errors.
    - Fixed keyboard layout switching when RichEdit component is activated (these are forms containing instructions, help, etc - like Resurrection Manual, Useful Plugins description text, etc)
    - Firmware update procedure is improved
    RIFF Box eMMC Partition Table FullFlash Image Files Processing Plugin (eMMCDiskPartitions.dll) v4.10

    - Added support for MTK Partition Table Version 1.1 (BMTPOOL)
    - Main Menu is added to the top of the Main Window. Main purpose to specify shortcut keys.
    - Added option to parse standalone Samsung PIT Files: for this just select the *.pit file as you do when selecting a local dump file and click "Parse Local Dump File"
    - [Load Firmware Files]: added option to directly load the Samsung PIT Files (*.pit) - in this case after pit is loaded, the plugin browses PIT file's folder and loads partitions for which there are files present;
    - [Load Firmware Files]: added option to directly load the GPT (MBR) binary block (*.bin) - in this case, if GPT/MBR is recognized and parsed, the plugin browses the file's folder and loads partitions for which there are files with identical to partitions names present (extention is not relevant);
    - [Load Firmware Files]: added support for Samsung TAR Firmware files (*.tar, *.tar.md5)
    - [Load Firmware Files]: added support for Spreadtum PAC Firmware files (*.pac)
    - [Load Firmware Files]: When building partitions layout from Spreadtrum PAC Files, the SPLLOADER partiton (with Boot Partiton1 as target destination) is automatically added to the list, and SPL_Loader data (if present in the *.pac file) is injected into it;
    - [Load Firmware Files]: old format of MTK Scatter Files is supported.
    - [Load Firmware Files]: added option to load partitions from MTK Scatter File
    You can choose either parse partitions from alive device/dump and then user Scatter File to load firmware files into partitions, or immediately create partitions list from Scatter File. In this case
    it is required to select two parameters, which match real eMMC chip's: Boot Partition size and RPMB Partition size
    - [Load Firmware Files]: Supported MTK Firmware's Container "BFBF": When loading firmware file packed inside of "BFBF" container, plugin automatically extracts the data from the container file and injects it into partition;
    - [Load Firmware Files]: Supported Android Sparse Image Files Format: When loading Sparse Image, plugin automatically unpacks it and injects unpacked data into partition;
    - [Load Firmware Files]: When loading MTK's PRELOADER into Boot Partition1, the 0x800-byte Mediatek's PRELOADER_HEADER is automatically generated, preloader file is appended to the header, and then the result is injected into boot partition;
    - [Load Firmware Files]: When loading MTK's PGPT into PGPT Partition and if the PGPT parition base is 0x00, the 0x200-byte standard MBR Sector is automatically generated, PGPT file is appended to the MBR Sector, and then the result is injected into PGPT partition;
    - [Load Firmware Files]: When loading MTK'??????????? this sentence is lost, sorry ??????????????????????
    - Inject data into partition: Partition 'Fill-up' percentage is recalculated using size of currently injected file.
    For example if partition size is 2MB, and injected file is 1MB, then partition fill-up percentage will be recalculated to 50%.
    This will allow to flash this partition back to phone using only injected size, without flashing un-needed remaining partition's data.
    This option is handly when flashing offical firmwares, when multiple paritions are injected with firmware data. Thus there will be no need to flash unnecesarry remnants
    - changed "Load Layout from File" button caption to "Parse Local Dump File";
    - changed "Load Layout from Device" button caption to "Parse Connected eMMC";
    - changed "Load Firmware Files" button caption to "Parse Official Firmware";
    - added "Re-parse by Scatter File" button - this options allows to discard any partitioning of curretly parsed Local Dump or Connected eMMC Chip, and apply new addresses of partitions from external Scatter File (as well there are more options to use other files with partition layout descriptions)
    This option is handy if plugin is unable to parse partitions due to unknown format of memory contents: it is possible to create own scatter file with description of partitions (names, addresses and sizes) and apply it with "Re-parse by Scatter File" button to the unrecognized dump.
    Please note, this option expects the Mediatek (MTK) Scatter File format, but can be applied to any non-recognized (non-supported) dump - no matter of the dump's source SoC (Qualcomm, Exynos, Spreadtrum, Mediatek, etc.)
    - [Re-parse by Scatter File]: added option to re-parse partitions using a standalone MTK Layout's __NODL_PMT Binary File
    - [Re-parse by Scatter File]: added option to re-parse partitions using a standalone MTK Layout's BMTPOOL Binary File

    Acer B1-730HD
    Alcatel OT5044D
    Archos 70 Xenon Color
    Artel Adi5
    Artel NOVA
    Huawei MediaPad T1 (T1-701U)
    Lenovo A2020a40
    Lenovo S860
    Lenovo S2110
    LG D700
    LG D820
    LG H343
    LG H700
    LG VS425PP
    Micromax E313
    Micromax Q415
    Nokia 3 (TA-1032)
    Nokia Lumia 820 (RM-825)
    Samsung G350E
    Samsung G361F
    Samsung I9060M
    Sony E5603
    ZTE A452
    ZTE L5 Plus

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    Alcatel OT4030D,
    Alcatel OT4034D
    Fly FS517
    LG D331
    Micromax Q372
    Motorola XT1766
    Oppo A37FW
    Oppo CPH-1701
    Oppo R7G
    Oppo T29
    Oppo U705T
    Prestigio PAP5400
    Samsung G150NS - World First
    ZTE Blade A510
    ZTE Blade A520
    ZTE Grand X Quad V987 - World First
    ZTE N9560
    ZTE Z667T
    ZTE Z831
    ZTE Z836BL
    ZTE Z982

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    RIFF Box Firmware v1.51

    - fixed RIFF1 firmware bug which caused random box restarts during ISP flashing
    - fixed RIFF1 firmware bug which caused freezing during consequtive eMMC write operations in single session
    - fixed RIFF1 & RIFF2 firmware bug which caused erasing the first block of eMMC chip's user area after reading eMMC firmware or reading Samsung Smart Info

    RIFF Box JTAG Manager v1.81

    - added USB mode: it is possible to connect supported devices via USB cable; (Qualcomm Sahara Firehose and Streaming Download protocols)
    - added UFS memories support via USB interface.
    - added feature to remember each partition address and length settings on USB read/write page;
    - added feature to remember each partition address and length settings on eMMC read/write page;
    now when partition is changed, the relevant Address and Length fields are changed to correspond values which were set for selected partition;
    - fixed an issue with settings when there are no downloaded resurrectors or if there are not all kinds of resurrectors are present;
    Now informative dialogs are displayed for users to be able to clue out what's to be done.
    - fixed an issue when user tries to select Resurrectors filter (for example to filter only ISP Resurrectors) and there are no Resurrectors of the selected Filter kind;
    Now informative dialogs are displayed for users to be able to clue out what's wrong. And deadloop with settings is avoided now.
    - added information on the Plugins page - in case there are no plugins are downloaded yet, the not experienced user can see information about plugins and how to get them;
    - revised the "Resurrector Settings" logic: renamed to "Automatic Parameters" and "Manual Parameters by User".
    When selected "Automatic Parameters", the required connection settings are used from the Resurrector DLL: for all modes - JTAG, eMMC, USB.
    Please note, any settings (values) present in the ISP Resurrector DLLs are copied when DLL is selected and are not forced not to be changed later by user.
    Thus for ISP mode, all settings (interface, SD_CLK, voltage and bus width) can be modified anytime, and are not grayed out in the "Automatic Parameters" mode.
    When selected "Manual Parameters by User", the required connection settings are used from correspondent fields.
    Additional checks added to eliminate irregularities during connection to the device when incorrect mode DLL is selected in the list.
    Message dialogs are displayed to inform user what has to be done in order to fix the problems
    - completely reworked scenarios for cases when "Automatic Parameters" or "Manual Parameters by User" option is selected
    It now complies to following rules: when "Manual Parameters by User" are selected, the settings block is changed depending to currently active Page.
    For example, if eMMC Read/Write page is active, ISP settings block is displayed, if DCC Read/Write page is active, JTAG Custom Settings block is displayed, etc.
    In case "Automatic Parateres" is selected, no matter what active page is selected, the settings block which corresponds to the mode of selected resurrector is displayed.
    This helps to eliminate illogical scenarios - for eample, when selected resurrector is ISP Resurrector and user tries to Read/Write memory on DCC Read/Write Page.
    In this case Error Message dialog is displayed for user.
    - implemented more informative and self-explainable run-time rebuild of the JTAG Manager's settings blocks interface when Automatic Parameters" or "Manual Parameters by User" are selected.

    eMMC Partition Table FullFlash Image Files Processing Plugin (eMMCDiskPartitions.dll) v5.00

    - added USB Connection Mode (Qualcomm Sahara)
    - added support for parsing EFI,PIT,MBR-type dumps from UFS memory (Page Size = 0x1000)

    - added option to select active Partition to be parsed - in this case "Parse Connected Memory' button will parse precisely the selected partition,
    and "Parse Local Dump File" button will assume that parsed dump was read from the specified partition;
    - [Parse Official Firmware]: Improved loading MTK partition files which are named with prefix '__NODL_' while on disk those are named without prefix.
    - [Parse Official Firmware]: fixed the bug when clicking the "Read Form Connected Device" button to read partition sizes during the MTK scatter file parsing did nothing.
    - for PIT/EFI parsed dumps/devices improved parsing when 'Show Gaps' is checked; __NOT_ALLOCATED space at the end of image file is autodetected for BACKUP_GPT partition.
    - added automatic select/deselct all partitions feature to context menu (right-click on partitions list, then chose desired action)
    - fixed the bug when plugin loaded (injected) in total more than 2GB of partitions data then reading wrong data could occur.
    - default chip size (which is used when expanding expandable partitions - those with size = 0) is changed flrom 64GB to 512GB
    - [Load Firmware Files]: fixed bug when loading firmware files from GPT partition: if "gpt_backup" file was present, the gpt_backup file was loaded into gpt partition, instead of 'gpt_main';
    - fixed EXT4 File System Parser bug: 64bit addressing was handled incorrectly, thus some contents (directories/files) may be not parsed
    - EXT4 File System Parser is optimized, parsing is done much faster
    - Fixed file names encoding in EXT4 File System Parser. Now names are recognized as UTF-8 strings
    - when loading official firmware, the partitions list is automatically rewinded to always keep showing currently loaded partition progress;
    - reworked the main interface window - now parsed partitions list and File System contents explorer are moved to separate pages.
    - File System contents explorer now builds the list of all partitions detected with supported file systems at once; to initate the parsing of selected partition just enough to expand its tree node
    - added 'Preview' to the The contents explorer. It is possible to instantly start checking the selected file's conents - supported currently: text files, picture files, ELF files.
    To check the file it is not necessary to export it to the hard disk first, just click on file and in preview window the contents of the file will be displayed.
    - [Parse Official Firmware]: added support for Qualcomm XML programming files: to load click the "Parse Official Firmware" button and select Qualcomm's XML file (like rawprogram0.xml); Plugin will create list of partitions from it,
    will load required files into partitions and will be instantly ready to flash those into connected device.
    - Renamed old buttons 'Read Selected', 'Flash Selected' to 'Read Selected Full Area', 'Flash Selected Full Area'
    and added 'Flash Selected Used Area' button: it is possible now to flash either only the used area of partition or the full partition area.
    For example, if full partition size is 1GB, but the meaningfull data file injected into it was 1MB, there is no point flashing full partition area (1GB). Instead, to save time just first 1MB can be flashed with 'Flash Selected Used Area' button
    This feature is especially useful when flashing partitions after [Parse Official Firmware] is executed.
    - [Parse Official Firmware] - optimized parsing firmware file. Loading any firmware files now happen almost instantly. Plugin now works with external files of partitions on-the-fly, so it is not required now to waste time injecting file's data into partition during parsing stage.
    Sparse packed files are handled on-the-fly as well. All operations are performed in the background.
    From the user point of view, you just keep working with the parsed partitions as usually - as if local dump were loaded and parsed.

    OnePlus 3T
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A (MDG6)
    LG D855
    LG D724

    LG D686
    LG N3 Nexus 5X
    Samsung J330F - World First
    Samsung T585 - World First
    Samsung J200F
    Samsung J120G
    HTC One X S702e PJ4610000
    HTC One SV V520e PL8013000
    HTC One M9 0PJA20040
    HTC One M8 0P6B70000
    HTC One M7 PN0711000
    HTC One DS PN0771000
    HTC Desire D816V 0P9C80000
    HTC Desire D500 0P3Z11200
    HTC Desire 626 0PM921000
    HTC Desire 616 0PBM10000
    HTC Desire 601 0P4E21000
    HTC Desire 526G 0PL410000
    HTC Desire 510 0PCV20000
    Fly IQ4505 - World First
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
    RIFF Box Qualcomm Sahara support, tips and tricks

    Hello dear users !

    We took some time to prepare latest addition to JTAG Manager and built from scratch complete Sahara protocol support (both firehose and streaming download). We didn't just embedded freely available tools from Qualcomm (emmcdl and qh_loader), instead, we used own code.

    Great work is done on eMMC Plugin too, which now supports USB, ISP and JTAG access. You can select partition on LU (Logical Unit) to parse.
    Among other improvements, we added GPT repair/adjust which serves as analogue to patch0.xml used with QFIL.
    "Adjust GPT" will automatically update checksums and resize userdata partition to fill whole chip. This is valuable in cases where gpt is from different chip size.

    There is more work, but we feel confident that current functions can satisfy most of the needs in servicing and forensics fields.

    So, for start, few important tips:

    1. Make sure to have Qualcomm drivers installed
    2. Most Snapdragon 200 firehose loaders don't have read support, also some will not output storage info (size, SN, brand). We found out that there is one universal firehose looader which supports all this, but uses a bit different protocol. As this is Alcatel loader, we named it "Alcatel Firehose".
    It can be used with MSM8x10, MSM8x12, MSM8x26 which otherwise don't have read support. File is attached here.

    3. Sahara protocol requires phone to be in EDL mode. To enter EDL mode, exist few methods:
    1. Kill phone BootChain or GPT
    2. Switch to EDL from ADB or from TWRP: (TWRP tested on some Samsung models)

    "Adb reboot EDL"
    3. Use EDL cable (Xiaomi phones for example)
    4. Activate Diag mode and JTAG Manager will switch it to EDL automatically if phone supports it.
    5. Hold Vol+ for 10 seconds (OnePLus models)

    6. Short EDL TP-s if exist
    7. Short CMD to GND
    9. Most reliable method is to remove eMMC

    During testing period I've received Xiaomi Redmi 3x device with locked MiCloud, so here is link to it's firmware with custom rom and unlocked bootloader, flashable as XML firmware.

    AOSP ROM, micro GAPPS preinstalled:

  8. black-micron :

    sinko (30.08.2018)

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    RIFF JTAG Manager v1.82

    - Fixed bug when existent PKG's pinout picture was not displayed due to "Interface Pinout" button was hidden
    - Added new pkg licensing scheme, which allows now to use any PKG file createad by any user for any other user.
    Root PKG License is required for edit permission. To share own PKG file with other users the Root PKG License is not required now.
    - Added altermative method of detecting the storage size for Qualcomm Firehose Loaders which do not support GetStorageInfo command
    - Added Qualcomm DMSS protocol support

    - Added support for USB connection method to Package Editor wizard.

    Since this version is introduced, any user can create and share repair packages (*.riffpkg).
    We will prepare comprehensive instructions with videos on how to use package editor and how to share created files in short time.

    eMMC Partition Table FullFlash Image Files Processing Plugin (eMMCDiskPartitions.dll) v5.02

    - Fixed bug when parsing local dumps
    - Fixed bug when parsing XML -> Connected Device (gpt was parsed from cache)

    - Added support for local disks
    - Added support for "Qualcomm MMC Storage" (Qualcomm 9006 diag)
    - Added support for debrick images creation


    Xiaomi Redmi S2 USB
    Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus USB
    Xiaomi Redmi 4x USB
    Xiaomi Redmi 3S USB
    Samsung S4 i9505 USB (write only)
    Samsung G355H ISP
    Samsung G532G ISP (version update)
    Nokia 8110 4G (TA-1059) ISP - World First
    LG MS330 ISP
    Lenovo ZUK Z2 USB
    Lenovo S580 USB
    Lenovo A6000 USB
    Huawei Y6 SCL-L21 USB
    Huawei Y300-100 USB
    Huawei U9200 ISP
    ZTE V811 USB
    black-micron; 16.10.2018 22:28.

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    sinko (16.10.2018)

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    RIFF JTAG Manager v1.82 MTK
    eMMC Partition Table FullFlash Image Files Processing Plugin (eMMCDiskPartitions.dll) v5.03 MTK
    repairpacks Huawei_G610_USB.riffpkg
    , , MTK

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